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Inspiring Retro Poster Designs

You know poster printing is one of the most effective tool to promote any product, service or organization today and of course in the past.  Well,as a retro fan of everything, I also like posters that don’t get old.  They are all like time machines which take me back to old times.

Today I have a collection of very stylish and inspiring retro poster designs.  I’m especially loving the Wu Tang poster design!

Stylish Retro Poster Designs


retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource
retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

retro posterSource

The Art of Slinkachu: Tiny Hand Painted Figures

The art of Slinkachu is probably one of the most uncommon forms of art practiced by artistes all over the world. Slinkachu is a London based artiste who is famous for creating tiny hand painted figures or people.

Well, there’s nothing uncommon in it. Many artistes create these types of figures all around the globe. However, what is most uncommon with the art of Slinkachu is that he leaves these tiny figures at various places in London, preferably corners of the streets, under or on the benches at parks and gardens, at the corners of subways and underground.

You can find one of these figures on your way to work or from it or you may not as well. However, if you happen to find one of these figures, it will quickly remind you of the art of Slinkachu and make you feel how these tiny figures blend with the ambience of the city depicting our inner fears of being lost or left along in this huge city, uncared and unattended – left only to perish unnoticed!

Truly, the Art of Slinkachu is a perfect combination of humor and the melancholy of the urban life the present world has provided us.

Tiny Hand Painted figures



Top 20 Web Designs of 2011: A Unique Inspiration

As 2011 year is gone design community started to summarize and make predictions about web design trends. Today I`ve counted more than 10 different articles dedicated to web design trends of outgoing year. Different writers see different trends but there`s always something in common.

So let’s draw the line and clean things up. Almost all authors converge in these web design trends

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Responsive Design
  • Parallax Scrolling (as a result single page websites)
  • Large Photographic and High-Quality Textured Backgrounds
  • Sophisticated Typography and Accurate Play with Typefaces
  • Touch Screen

And I can`t disagree since 2011 year brings us new era of using HTML5+CSS3+JavaScript and mobile web.

By far, I am thoroughly intrigued by the parallax designs you’ll see below.  The level of technique and artistic creativity involved in developing these sites is overwhelmingly sophisticated.  I’m excited to see how these trends develop and modernize into the upcoming year.

But, for today I`ve collected 20 website designs that are considered to be the best of the best of the 2011 year.  I do not have the grounds to disagree.

1. Kinetic V5.

Kinetic V5.

2. Roberd Wards. Amazing use of typography and parallax.Roberd Wards. Amazing use of typography and parallax.

3. Jorge Rigabert. Vertical Parallax, Riboons, Circles and HTML5&CSS3.Jorge Rigabert

4. Just Dot. Typography, Illustrations, Parallax, HTML5/CSS3.Just Dot

5. SF Dok – 360 Langstrasse Zurich. Animated Background.SF Dok - 360 Langstrasse Zurich

6. Studio 2Create. Parallax and HTML5/CSS3.Studio 2Create

7. Claptaps. Horisontal parallax, HTML5/CSS3.Claptaps

8. Balencic Creative Group. Vertical Parallax, Typography, HTML5/CSS3 and Textured Backgroud.Balencic Creative Group

9. Jan Ploch. One of the first parallax websites that amazed me by its idea and simple way of realisation. Just good combination of great designer`s and developer`s skills.Jan Ploch

10. High on Pixels. Circles, Sketching and CSS3/HTML5.High on Pixels. Circles, Sketching and CSS3/HTML5.

11. Forefathers Group. Vertical Parallax, Responsive Design, Typography, High-Quality Textured Background.Forefathers Group

12. Me & Oli. Awesome idea is implemented by HTML5/CSS3.Me & Oli

13. Head 2 Heart. Horisontal Parallax, Typography, Textured background.Head 2 Heart.

14. iDesign. Vertical Parallax, Magnificient Typography, Amazing Background, Pixel perfect web elements, Great visualisation of process steps, Sketching.iDesign.

15. Phase2 Design Studio. Clean, simple website design with sophisticated typography, vertical parallax and HTML5/CSS3 elements.

Phase2 Design Studio.

16. Vlog. Awesome HTML5 experiment.Vlog. Awesome HTML5 experiment.

17. Vision of beauties. Grid and slider that are often used in fashion website designs.Vision of beauties.

18. Guide to the app Galaxy.

Guide to the app Galaxy.

19. Paolo Cavanna

.Paolo Cavanna.

20. The Wired Mind

.The Wired Mind

Share your thoughts with me. May be I`ve forgotten about some other great website designs that you can definitely call best of the best. I`m looking forward to reading your comments.

Designs sourced from Land-of-Web

Networking At It’s Best – B-EZ Graphix Partners w/ Fresh Touch Publicity!!!

So let’s start the story from the beginning…

Vau’ve of OfficialAnais Public Relations (PR) is a long time friend and business associate of B-EZ Graphix.  Through her network, she found a PR agency, Luxury Chic Media (LCM), in need of a graphic designer.  Without hesitation, B-EZ Graphix was immediately referred to LCM.  While making arrangements for a design project for LCM, I expressed on Twitter that I was looking for a local PR agency in Georgia.  LCM immediately did a Twitter roll call, and behold Fresh Touch Publicity (FTP) was the first and only to answer.

It is no surprise that PR operations rely heavily on media and communications.  However, in order to effectively communicate and establish efficient relationships, PR agencies need extensive experience in branding along with their own functional and professional brand.  Likewise, graphic designers look to PR agencies to market and communicate the brand of their clients who use their design products.  Hence, most PR agencies have graphic and web designers on call within their network, rarely with one central location, let alone organization.

Aware of this phenomena, I did some research and was highly impressed by the publicity work of FTP, their community involvement and passionate work ethic.  So, I reached out to “TJ” of FTP in an effort to establish an efficient partnership to offer all of these services under one organization to provide a single, “one-stop shopping” solution for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations to utilize both of our design and publicity services.  Needless to say, TJ was very excited at the opportunity to offer her current and new clients the capacity to design and publicize all of their events, products and brands within one organization.

“I was always taught, ‘you can teach aptitude but you can’t teach attitude.’  Our positive energies and selfless work ethics are uncommon trends in business and that’s why I see this partnership working and growing. This is quite a simple recipe to help your business meet its goals. Welcome to the marriage of success and happiness! ” – TJ of Fresh Touch Publicity

There is no doubt that there is SO much more to come from this new team based in Georgia.  Stay tuned for further developments of this network.

For more information or if you’re interested in seeing what these companies can do for you visit the following links below:

Fresh Touch Publicity

OfficialAnais PR

Luxury Chic Media

B-EZ Graphix 

What Do Graphic Designers Make?

I came across this interesting infographic on Killerinfographics about how much a graphic designers earns according to some criteria. You will see how many designers are projected to work in the U.S. in 6 years from now, which is the U.S. state where you are better payed as a graphic designer, which is the salary range and more. Check it out!

What Do Graphic Designers Earn?

graphic design careers1 [Infographic]   What Do Graphic Designers Earn?

What do you think about this infographic? Do you like the graphic representation and what about the statistics?

Notice that the average is around $50,000 per year or around $25 per hour.  My hourly rate is only $15 per hour, but I rarely make deals to bill hourly.  I value business relationship over revenue, so I rarely work solely on fixed rates.  Submit a quote and find out what I can do for you!  🙂

The Psychology of Color in Logo Design

Color can be an important visual communications device that can intimately affect the psychology of the observer on a subconscious level. It can help determine a consumer’s relationship with a given product or company and play an important role in branding.

Color can evoke a wide variety of emotion and even memories. An individual’s interpretation of color will depend on factors like their age, nationality, profession, interests, and personal preference.

It therefore can’t be stated strongly enough that to use color effectively, you must completely understand your target audience.

For example, when faced with a new product, consumers place color and visual appearance (93%) above other factors such as texture (6%) and sound and smell (1%). It’s also interesting to note that 85% of shoppers cite color among the main reasons for why they buy a product.

And other studies have shown that color increases brand recognition by as much as 80%. That’s an amazing statistic when you consider that branding relates directly to customer confidence.

You’d be wise to consider the ramifications of color when designing a logo. Here’s a basic guide to the psychology of color…

color logo


Red is the perfect color to get people excited and to draw attention. In fact, cognitive studies have shown that the first two colors that the brain processes are red and yellow. Red can be used to create a sense of urgency and actually increases the heart rate of the viewer.

Conveys: excitement, passion, strength, sex, aggressiveness, boldness, speed, desire, courage, determination, lust, impulse, action, danger, hard, angular, rigid.


It’s interesting to note that while red is the color of action and aggression, pink is one of the most calming of all colors. In fact criminals are sometimes housed in pink cells because studies have shown that the color pink reduces anger and aggression. Spiritualists consider pink to be a higher frequency color moving one toward enlightenment, and pink appeals to more traditional buyers.

Conveys: love, romance, soft, calm, serenity, cool, tranquility, motionless, unperturbed, fantasy, tradition.


Blue creates a sense of trust and security. Blue also has a very long wavelength and can be seen from far away. It’s why most airport landing lights are blue. But different shades of blue can have a different impact. Royal blue for example, appeals to impulse shoppers and is great for clearance sales, while navy blue appeals more to budget shoppers, and is better for institutional and corporate logos. More people cite blue as their favorite color over any other.

Conveys trust, reliability, belonging, coolness, dependable, trustworthy, friendly, calm, tranquility, serenity, water, seriousness, power, success, professionalism.


Yellow is often used to grab the attention of window shoppers, It conveys a sense of optimism and youthfulness. It is a color associated with food. Yellow appeals to intellectuals and can enhance concentration though it can be hard to see if used improperly. The brain is stimulated to release more serotonin (natural feel-good chemical) when confronted with yellow. Yellow promotes and conveys creativity.

Conveys creativity, warmth, happiness, cheer, sunshine, youth, optimism, hope, food, stimulating, expansive, curiosity, playfulness, amusement, energy, comfort, laughter, good times


Green is the color of nature, ecology and wealth. It’s the easiest color for the brain to process. Dark green appeals to the conservative, masculine, nature, while light green is commonly used in hospital rooms for its calming effect. Light green is also used in retail environments to promote calm, and is a popular food color. Use darker shades to represent stability and influence. Green can be associated with good luck, generosity, fertility and even jealousy and envy on the negative side.

Conveys Nature, peace, nurturing, harmony, recycling, good luck, fertility, generosity, envy, conservative, masculine, calmness, growth, abundance, healing, life, balance, rejuvenation, stability, influence.


Orange appeals to impulse shoppers and creates a call to action such as buying, selling or subscribing. Can be used to convey movement and energy without overpowering the viewer. Can convey a new attitude.

Conveys vibrant, energetic, friendly, inviting, warm, creativity, affordability, enthusiasm, playfulness, flamboyant, good times, adventure, attitude.


Young girls frequently select purple as their favorite color. It stimulates brain activity related to problem solving. It can lend an air of mystery, wisdom, and respect. Purple is the color of royalty and is often seen in anti-aging and beauty products. Darker shades can convey wealth and luxury while lighter shades convey spring and romance.

Conveys royalty, wealth, prosperity, mystery, respect, wisdom, problem solving, nobility, dignity, abundance, creativity, imagination, luxury, spring, romance, spirituality, justice, fantasy, dreams, feminine.


Black is often used to market luxury products, It’s powerful and sleek and can be used to convey authority and power. Black is a serious color frequently associated with intelligence.

Conveys luxury, power, authority, evil, intelligence, elegance, seduction, mystery, modern, thin, sleek, formal, sophistication, secrecy.


Gray represents neutrality and calm. Not a great color in logo design but can be used to convey the timeless quality of things.

Conveys practical, neutral, timeless, middle-of-the-road, old age, death, taxes, lack of energy, stagnation, indifference.


Brown represents stability, experience and comfort. Also used to convey nature, friendship, reliability and the earth.

Conveys stability, nature, friendship, earth, tribal, primitive, simplicity, experience, comfort.

Study after study has shown that color conveys subconscious meaning, so color can be a powerful psychological tool in logo design. It can send a positive or negative message, encourage or discourage sales, promote or discourage trust, and even stimulate chemicals in the brain. The proper use of color can make or break your logo design.

Color Palette Branding

When designing marketing products to establish a new business brand, color palette is almost always overlooked.  Logos, graphics and typography normally receive the most intention and are often assumed to be the most important aspects of starting a new business brand.  However, I argue that a characteristic color palette is the most critical aspect of designing a new business brand.  It is easy for a logo to standout and instantly identify or “brand” a particular business or company.  However, colors serve the same function. For instance, when you see pink and black stripes you might immediately think of Victoria’s Secret and gorgeous models.  Or, the red and white colors of Target’s brand signify its presence anywhere in the world, even on television advertisements that don’t even show the logo until the end of the commercial.  But, the whole time you knew it was a Target ad because of the predominance of red and white throughout the scenes of the commercial.  Likewise, you need to effectively consider the colors you will chose to brand your business.  Don’t fall into the trap of putting all your focus into the logo and other prevalent branding characteristics other than the most basic characteristic of color.  Choose colors that means something to you, but successfully compliment your logo and the rest of your branding products.


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I am a professional freelance graphic and web designer. Traditionally, the title intimidates people, especially those who are unsure about the industry and how it can help their business. Well, let me first stomp a few psyche outs: 1) Graphic and web design isn’t just for businesses. It is also for people who just want wedding or part invitations designed, or maybe even just a baby shower banner to hang across as confetti is thrown across the room in celebration of a newborn. 2) Design for me isn’t just a business or industry – it’s a hobby. I thoroughly enjoy the work I do for others, not just for my own success, but because I base a great deal of my professional dignity on the success of my clients. This enhances my dedication to my clients and the projects that I produce that not only represent them, but also myself. 3) What else would be the greatest intimidation about hring a professional designer? …Money. Many people are intimidated by the fact that design is a constant and growing industry (or hobby for me), despite the fluidity of national and global market trends. So, in most cases working with corporate design firms will validate those fears. But, as stated before, I am a freelance designer. Best of all, I prefer to work with budgets and not fixed prices. That’s right, you read it. I want your business, so I will work within your budget and still produce exciting designs that will help your business, company, hobby, talent and other design needs ascend to new heights. Because, I value business relationships over revenue. Don’t believe me? sumit a quote for a design project your considering and see how affordable rate I’ll offer you.

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