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Why Business Logos are So Integral to Success

A logo is a critical and essential part of formulating and promoting a brand or identity, and every business needs identity in an often overcrowded market.  When you attempt to sell any service or product it is essential that you inform your consumers of precisely who you are. A logo does that in a fraction of a second. At a glance, one can see who you are when they see your well-designed business logo graphic.

There are very few businesses that function without a logo. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that it is almost unheard of.  Having a logo will, over time, allow the public to not only recognize, but start to trust your company in order to gain repeat customers, which in turn increases your company’s reputation by proof of your worth in the social world.  If you have no logo or identifying message or symbol, then how will customers be able to associate products to your brand?  Take the Coca-Cola product range and brand for example: when customers see the Coke logo they often instantly think of refreshment, and they have trust in that brand.

Benefits of  a Good Logo:

  • solidify your brand
  • increase recognition
  • instill trust
  • develop repeat customers
  • rise above competition

Promote Your Logo

Promotion Why Business Logos are So Integral to Success

However simply creating your logo is not enough on its own.  In order to create the sort of brand identity and consumer respect Coca-Cola or Pepsi enjoy, you need to promote this logo and image in every marketing advert or promotion your produce.  It is essential to have your company logo displayed prominently in order to gain maximum exposure.  In fact, a unique and attractive logo can actually gain your company a worldwide following in itself.

Site Features as Logos

Facebookk Like Why Business Logos are So Integral to Success

And remember, if you have a unique feature on your website that has a graphic to go with it, that becomes a type of logo in itself, that will forever be associated with your company. Think of Facebook, for example–the “like” button, which is essentially an extension of their main logo, arguably helped increase the massive worldwide following they’ve experienced. So careful consideration must go into those special feature graphics. You don’t want to just slap on any graphic in order to get that part of building your website done, especially when such graphics can become great catalysts for change in your company.

Beware of Bad Logo Design

Gap Logo Why Business Logos are So Integral to Success

There is a small word of warning however which you should take note of, take logo creation extremely seriously as it could literally make or break your business in the long term.  Think of GAP and their disastrous re-launch a couple of years ago; their newly released logo caused so much upset amongst their customers who eventually threatened to stop shopping at the store.  This then forced GAP to revert back to their original design or face a massive decrease in sales.  It is thus essential to have your logo created by a professional design agency who will be able to assist you in the choosing of your design and the creation of a worldwide brand.


A logo is essential to the longevity of any business, no matter what market you are currently operating in.  A brand facilitated by a logo allows your company to stand out about above competitors whilst building a repeat user base and sometimes even a solid fan base, all things which will help your business not only survive, but potentially gain a massive market share. To show you some successful logo designs, we collected some incredible examples. Feel free to check them out, and get inspiration for your own business.

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Impressive Print Designs

In design, it’s all about creativity and efficiency. If you have these, then success is guaranteed. Like in all areas of design, this principle is also applied in print design, where the results should not only be creative and attract attention but also efficient and deliver the message that they were intended to deliver.


Product Superior Greeting Card

Product Superior Greeting Card Print Design Inspiration

Espresso Republic Business Cards

Espresso Republic Business Cards Print Design Inspiration

Wired Magazine

Wired Magazine Print Design Inspiration

Product Superior Holiday Card

Product Superior Holiday Card Print Design Inspiration

Eureka Magazine

Eureka Magazine Print Design Inspiration

20 FOLD Flyer

20 FOLD Flyer Print Design Inspiration

India Song Screenprint

India Song Screenprint Print Design Inspiration

The Pli Postal Stationery

The Pli Postal Stationery Print Design Inspiration

Planet of the Apes Cartoon

Planet of the Apes Cartoon Print Design Inspiration

Spencer Charles Poster

Spencer Charles Poster Print Design Inspiration


THE DOOR TEST Print Design Inspiration

Baby Norah’s Shower Invites

Baby Norah’s Shower Invites Print Design Inspiration

How to Grow a Great Beard Poster

How to Grow a Great Beard Poster Print Design Inspiration

Michaela & Christoph Wedding Invitation

Michaela & Christoph Wedding Invitation Print Design Inspiration

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society Print Design Inspiration

Big Scary Monsters CD/DVD Package

Big Scary Monsters CD/DVD Package Print Design Inspiration

Dreaming of Piracy

Dreaming of Piracy Print Design Inspiration

Social Media Weather Sentiment vs. KNMI Weather Data Poster

Social Media Weather Sentiment vs. KNMI Weather Data Poster Print Design Inspiration

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon Poster

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon Poster Print Design Inspiration

Poster Calendar 2012

Poster Calendar 2012 Print Design Inspiration

A Single Second

A Single Second Print Design Inspiration

Typographic Matchmaking Poster

Typographic Matchmaking Poster Print Design Inspiration

School Magazine

School Magazine Print Design Inspiration

Type A Press Business Card

Type A Press Business Card Print Design Inspiration

Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek Print Design Inspiration

Shake Hands & Bend an Elbow Gift

Shake Hands & Bend an Elbow Gift Print Design Inspiration

LuckyRice Festival

LuckyRice Festival Print Design Inspiration

NEXED Business Card

NEXED Business Card Print Design Inspiration

Strumenti Spaziali

Strumenti Spaziali Print Design Inspiration

Magma Press Letterpress Pattern Cards

Magma Press Letterpress Pattern Cards Print Design Inspiration

Inspirational Love & Heart Logos

Here’s a collection of logo designs with the a love/heart symbol as the main attraction. Love is a fantastic emotion and the heart symbol can be related to many things and is often used in a logo to convey relationships, friendships, love of a hobby or product/s that the business may offer. I LOVE the typography in these logo designs. Pay close attention to the fonts and how well they marry with the artwork. 😉

Elovant WIP


Heart Logo


Talks About Love

Work of Love





Color Love

Love Bikes


Tree with Love

Urban Bambini

Logo Love

Love Break Cafe

Made with love by nice people

Project: Love Christina


Love, Africa


Protected Legacy

Love Timer


Kitchen Love

Simple Love

Love Locator

Heart Knitting

Love Module


Food Lovers

Branding Etiquette – Rule #1: Take Pride!

I told myself that if ever I saw this again, I would not let it pass unnoticed. I can no longer pretend that I condone blurring of the boundaries of branding etiquette. Of the many things wrong with this business card, the email address is the most aggravating. How can I, or anyone else for the matter, take you seriously with the email address: bootiful4girls@gmail.com? This is an illustrative example of the many I’ve thrown in the trash for this same reason. There are so many resources available online that can provide you with your own email address. At the very least, keep it simple with just your first.last@gmail.com to avoid such a disastrous brand as this.


Judging from the perforation on the edges, this card was printed on some generic card stock purchased from Staples or Wal-Mart. The lack of saturation in the color is indicative of the ink from an old home-use printer. I can accept this and attribute it to the troublesome economy. However, the lack of pride in what you do and how you brand shouts at me in the absence of symmetry. The design elements and information are not spaced evenly from the edges of the card. Apparently, they didn’t take the time to pay attention to detail to either correct or discard this print before distributing.


Granted, not everyone can afford the services of a graphic designer to curtail many of these infractions. But, if you wish for me to take your business and your brand seriously enough to contact you, then you need to take more pride in how you present yourself. Find your vision, do some research, and come correct. Otherwise, your brand – your business card – will be discarded as quickly as the spam in my inbox.



What Do You Know About Letterpress?

Letterpress printing is a technique in which the design is actually pressed into the paper, resulting in an embossed or raised finish. Because of the time it takes to create and produce a letterpressed design, it’s not common to see it done on a large scale – instead, it’s the smaller, very high quality design shops that are the ones who may choose the technique instead.

Letterpressed designs introduce a new feel and finish to a design – a slightly different texture and shading that sets it apart from other prints. However, it can also be very challenging – letterpress equipment tends to only be able to print in one colour at a time, which means that it needs a very skilled operator indeed if they are to produce art in more than one colour (something that isn’t an issue for those more used to regular printing processes).

Despite the quirks and intricacies involved with learning how to use letterpress equipment, the results can be – when done perfectly – visually stunning. We’ve selected a showcase of some beautiful letterpress designs to hopefully inspire you and perhaps get you thinking about adding letterpress designing to your list of skills.

Loves you card


irwin and mclaren




Rogers Reel


Art Is good for You


Bespoke Letterpress Boutique


VH1 Classic


Zoo Titling


Space Camp


Anand design




Shyama Golden


We are manic


Wasted Time


Letter press


Are there any beautiful letterpress designs that you’ve found that deserve a mention? Let us know in the comments.

MADE Entrepreneur Of The Month: April 2012 – Vau’ve Anais Davis

Vau’ve is the CEO/Founder of OfficialAnais Public Relations in Chicago. Most importantly, she is a long time friend and business associate of mine. Since the start of our friendship in college, we have been exploring unique ventures and initiatives – such as the Soul Starr Select catering organization. We constantly express our nostalgia as we have grown as entrepreneurs specializing in public relations and branding. Likewise, we frequently acknowledge that we may not have acquired the successes that we have experienced without one another. So, it is my pleasure to honor Vau’ve as the first “MADE Entrepreneur of the Month” for April 2012!

You will constantly read and hear motivational words and thoughts from me, followed by the hash tag #MakeYourself. This is because I strongly believe that, although we are interdependent beings, no one knows what’s best for you than yourself. You set your own goal and understand that it will take your efforts, at a minimum, to achieve them and become who you want to be – to make yourself. No one understands this better than Vau’ve. Despite her educational background in Psychology and not Communications, she has stepped up to bat as a superb Public Relations Consultant, rivaling the workings of major PR firms. She had an inspirational vision for herself that she sought and grasped by establishing her own PR brand, OfficialAnais PR. While representing several clients, Vau’ve still manages to nurture her philanthropic roots with events like the OfficialAnais Toy Drive. Moreover, she has been an indispensible referral source for my company, B-EZ Graphix.

It is important to understand that you need to be yourself, because everyone else is taken. Although Ms. Davis’ experience embodies this precept, she still sees the value that each person has that can contribute to the efforts of others. In fact, she is endeared as “The Connector” of people and resources. Her work with my company is a prime example: Vau’ve has referred over 15 projects to B-EZ Graphix that produced nearly 25 products accounting for over $1,000 in revenue from referrals within one fiscal quarter. This amounts to over 40% of referral revenue, from Vau’ve alone, out of 15 affiliates of B-EZ Graphix. If that’s not impressive enough, through Vau’ve’s networking with Luxury Chic Media in New York, she connected me to TJ Jefferson of Fresh Touch Publicity in Atlanta – leading to the launch of a Joint Venture Partnership between our two companies. Thank you Vau’ve for all you do for B-EZ Graphix!  I am so very glad to have you as a friend in life and business!

I would like to highlight YOU for the next “MADE Entrepreneur of the Month!” Contact me to become an affiliate of B-EZ Graphix and send us your referrals for graphic design, web design, branding and marketing consulting. The incentives for affiliates are endless! Thank you for reading, and thank you in advance for your support.

NYC Day 1: Illi Boy at Ilili

Two shuttles after landing at Laguardia, I arrived at my grungy hotel, the Latham on 28th Street. I unloaded and immediate began to explore the city on foot. With my virtual assistant, Gaila Curry of the Expert Offices, in ear on my Bluetooth, I soon realized that it had been over 8 hours since I last ate. Gaila then directed me to the Ilili a few blocks south of where I had wandered.

Upon entering, the mirrored foyer and walls dressed in golden drapery evoked images of a Mediterranean palace. But as a designer, I was still fascinated by the logo that greeted me as I approached the restaurant. It was simple, elegant and told the whole story about what was in store for me inside. I had the option of sitting at a traditionally set table, but I could resist the allure of dining in the leather lounge area beside the stone slab table tops. Typically, this is a setting for groups, especially because of its proximity to the bar. Nevertheless, I was determined to indulge in the experience for myself. And indulge I did. I opened with a traditional hummus appetizer, as my waitress advised me of the differences between the two main courses that I was torn between: The Lamb Chops and the Citrus Trout. She admonished that the trout was for those who were looking for something different, and suggested the Lamb due to its simplicity. My travel tradition is to do something different each time I visit someplace different. So, I ordered the Citrus Trout alongside a Lebanese white wine.

After grazing over the pita pillows and hummus, I was introduced to a frightening presentation of the trout. Not unlike the rubbish on the street when I first laid eyes on the city of New York on trash day. Also, the dish was so flat that I was afraid my appetite would turn me inside out at the dissatisfaction of finishing the meal too soon. . . This was all an illusion. As I dove into the inside of the fish, I saw that it was not only meaty, but meaty on both sides and dressed with greens in between. With the orange citrus cells, the fish was mild, yet sweet and tangy. Accompanied with the grapefruit citrus cells, the dish had the audacity to bite back. The citrus tahini underneath provided me with a smooth transition between the two contrasting experiences. A nibble of the crispy almonds also provided a much needed reprise. In aggregate, I couldn’t have asked for a better precursor to what awaits me in New York. My first meal was symbolic of the culture I would soon be immersed within. Thanks to the Expert Offices for the outstanding recommendation, and thanks to Ilili for such an enchanting prelude to my adventures in the Big Apple.

Follow Through…Enough Said

“I’m a man of my word…”

It is upsetting that I have to even remark on a concept that should be a standard across all professions. But, there have been an overwhelming number of instances in which I have experienced, or have heard about experiences with individuals or companies that fail to follow-up. Of all times to set such a dreadful impression, why do so in the midst of an unstable economy? Why would a realtor not follow-up with a potential home buyer/renter that calls almost daily to inquire about a property? Why would a business professional not follow-up with a good lead that they encountered at a networking event or through referral? Simply put, they have lost the vision for success. Human nature dictates that we are interdependent beings. Don’t let the obsolete American Dream delude you, there is no such thing as bootstrapping your way to the top on your own. Don’t be blinded by the fact that many who came before you made the provisions for you to have an opportunity to get where you are because they had already envisioned where you’re going to be. . . or where you should be. You WILL NOT get there if you do not follow through on the opportunities laid before you. Don’t probe me as a designer, or any other professional, and lead us to believe that you are ready to invest in yourself and take your success to the next level, but never call back or return an email in a timely manner. The least you could do is send an email saying that you will follow-up or make a deposit/payment at a later date. Let yourself be fooled that you won’t be forgotten after a week being unresponsive. I want to help each and every one of you in every capacity that I can, but I refuse to reach a hand out to someone who isn’t reaching back. Allow me to see you tearing the stones away as you try to pull yourself out of the rut of monotony. Then, you will see me emerge as vividly as the rainbow that rose above Noah’s Ark in the midst of the monochrome storm that enveloped him. But, if you don’t follow through and build your own vessel to meet me on the waters, you will get nothing . . . and you will get nowhere.

Be easy