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The Rhythym of Success, The Disharmony of Failure

Starting a new business is exciting. The thrill of new opportunities, the enthusiasm of making connections and networking can be very captivating. Enjoy it! However, you must remember to resist the temptation to be impulsive. Running a business is like making music. As erroneous as this advice might seem, especially coming from a man who has no musical talent whatsoever, it is the most illustrative anecdote to what I wish to share with you all. A close examination of your day-to-day operations will reveal that there are trends in the tempo of your marketing techniques and procedures which are correlated with the acquisition of new clients and the recurrence of loyal clients. For example, after posting a new advertising promotion, you may acquire a few new clients. The more you do this, the more clients and projects you will acquire, the less you do so, the less new clients and project you acquire. Thus, you can effectively manipulate the rhythm of your business.

It is imperative that you are aware of your company rhythm and pay enough attention to monitor these trends as closely as possible. Submerging into the buzz of business operations could result in “oversaturation” to the point that you become overwhelmed. At this rate, you may find yourself in a position in which your business is controlling you rather than the contrary. For instance, an event planner that is new to the industry may find themselves completely “psyched” when they acquire a new venue to host events and parties. So, they start planning and promoting immediately to host a “simple” party in two weeks with a $10 cover charge in a venue that holds only 300 heads. Most venues require a 50% deposit, and with excitement of having savings for startup, the planner immediately invests and pays the $500 non-refundable deposit. Essentially, they are now locked in and committed to the event, but there are some major problems here: 1) a DJ will cost anywhere between $200-$3000, 2) having a designer design, print and ship flyers can range from $150-$1000, and 3) with a 500 person capacity you can only make $3000 at the event unless you profit from the bar. The capacity to profit is marginal at best in this situation, but your tasks and obligations are high and can result in a great deal of stress and anxiety – key ingredients for a breakdown and failure.

Needless to say, this is an undesireable experience for most business owners. Don’t let your business influence you in this manner. We all have goals and places to be in the end. But, life is not about the destination – it’s about the journey and the moments in between. Control you ops tempo so that you can slow down and make the best of these moments and enjoy life. No matter how reputable you become, don’t be such a megalomaniac that you can’t stay in touch with your own humanity that reaches out to the “you” within the business owner. Enjoy what you do. Plan ahead. And take your time to find the right rhythm for success. #MakeYourself

Be Easy,


Time is Money?

I frequently mention to my new clients that my Modus Operandi is that I value business relationships over revenue. For this reason, I have no issue investing time for little to no money. Perhaps, only my mature audiences can understand why I do this, while my other critics rest on the idea that “Time is Money” – but really it’s not. In business, many associate the time they invest to be worth x amount of dollars and should be taken seriously, insisting that they are not in the industry of wasting time and subsequently money. Consider this: if the misfortunes of the world ever fell upon you such that you had not one cent to your estate, then time is all you have. Unlike money, you can’t make that back.

Years ago, I lived in the depths of society in the basement of an apartment on the south side of Chicago. I witnessed all sorts of misfortunes there, from young girls raped and beaten and a close friend of mine that was killed right before my eyes. One lesson that I’ve learned and can never forget is that you can’t take back time once it’s gone. You can’t make that little girl forget the time her innocence was lost, and you can’t give my friend time to make better decisions that would have kept him alive. There’s no amount of money you can spend, or any job you can work to earn back time.

So, why waste time worrying about money and what your time is worth when there are much larger things at hand? Don’t get me wrong, I know what my work and my time is worth. Hourly rates for graphic/web designers start at $25 per hour and project rates usually don’t fall under $500 at a minimum. So, why do I undercut myself? Why am I so humble? Don’t be mistaken, for a long time, I was in the business of making money myself. Now, I’m in the industry of making moments. Like the moment a small business owner who is just starting out sees their new logo for the first time and is so overwhelmed with elation, that they post it on every social network at their finger tips. And, like the moment when that new business identity affords them another avenue to generate the money they needed to pay back two months of late rent because there are no jobs on the market. . . the moment that their child doesn’t have to live with no home and in the chills of the wind because mommy has her own business now.

I don’t dream to have a large corporation, or a wealthy enterprise. I only wish to build relationships with lasting moments. In the end, I could die with a great deal of money in my estate. But, how much would last and what amount would be taken with me thereafter? None. But, the relationships that I build and the moments I create will become legacy. Every bit I will leave behind will not be circulated in treasuries eventually to become as invisible as credit. Rather, what remains of me will be circulated in the hearts in minds of people who didn’t envision another moment of good fortune until they met me. From this, I will not charge you with a request to make moments and not money. Instead, I leave you with a thought: if your time is money and money never lasts, then what are you truly worth?

-Be easy

5 Tips to Jump Start Your Brand

Hello, again! I will be posting my 5 Tips to Jump Start Your Brand. Follow these useful tips to get started with an effective brand marketing orientation to gain exposure.

TIP 1 – Get A Logo! Your logo is the face of your business. It’s the statement about your business that you want to give. Hire a graphic designer to design your logo because professional branding work yields better results. Make sure your logo excites you with pride because it sets the tone for the rest of your branding products. The style, colors and graphic elements will resonate in the rest of your brand products. Next, be sure to TRADEMARK YOUR LOGO! You should understand the value of protecting your business identity the same way you would with your own personal identity.

TIP 2 – Determine Your Niche to narrow the focus of your business branding campaigns. For example, a instead of marketing yourself as a “photographer,” brand yourself as a “wedding photographer.” A niche gives your brand orientation toward a target market – DON’T be a “Jack-of-all-trades; Master of none.” Master a niche to build a reputation -your brand. In other words, what you’re known to be proficient at providing for your target market.

TIP 3 – Establish Your Network! Build relationships with PROFESSIONALS both in and outside your profession. Making contacts in other professions will open up new markets for you to spread your brand far and wide.

Many frown at this, but offer pro bono and promotional services/products or barter with other professionals. Helping others in need of your services/products will generate hype about your business and promote your brand. Don’t offer free services/products too often and lose the ability to make a living because you’re known for rolling over at every sentimental appeal.

TIP 4 – Know Your Worth! Research what other professionals in your industry make for their services/products. Compete by not overpricing your products/services but don’t be the bottom rung of the ladder either. Be flexible! Provide multiple payment options for customers with various budgets (installments, deposits, etc.)

TIP 5 – INVEST IN YOURSELF! You should be enthusiastic about spending the money to design establish your brand. You can’t expect the cost to be cheap for designing a logo, business cards, websites & other marketing materials. Prepare to spend at least about $1000 – it’s a large investment, but worth it if you take time and FOLLOW THROUGH. Invest in accountants, business consultants and especially lawyers to help maintain and protect your brand. If you’re not willing to spend the money to build your brand, how can you expect your clients/customers to do so? Lastly, know your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t attempt things not within your skill set. Invest in tools to assist you.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 Tips! Put them to work as you build your brand, fulfill your dreams and Make Yourself!

The Allure of Dark Web Designs

Colors are everywhere around us, it affects our moods whether we are consciously or unconsciously aware of it. Colors are also one of the most important elements in design. Designers will need to select the correct color and their matching palettes for their design in order to produce their desired effect. One of the popular colors that many designers seem to favor is black; black gives of a mysterious, serious and classy aura to the design. However, while being one of the popular colors that goes with most colors, black is not suitable for all types of design. This is because, if used wrongly, black could portray a gloomy, heavy and depressing effect.

On the other hand, for those who prefer a minimal and clean design for their websites, black or dark colors are definitely one of their top choices. Dark websites are becoming increasingly popular these days, seeing that many people prefers to have a simple yet classic design; in fact dark websites are highly popular for personal online portfolios and photography websites. Dark websites tend to look attractive, portraying a mysterious aura to attract attention and yet it also exudes elegance and class while giving the design a little bit more edge for it to stand out from other web designs.

Here I would like to draw on your attention, while dark websites are seemingly attractive they are also quite picky on how they work; this means that dark websites are suitable for all. One has to be extra cautious when implementing design with dark websites; everything from the fonts, arrangement and matching color will have to be considered carefully. Brighter colors generally work quite well with dark backgrounds or colors, dimmer colors against dark background will tend to get diluted or swallowed up by the darker colors. White space is also one of the things to look out for when using dark websites, arrangement should be made so that viewers can view your web comfortably. One of the reasons why designers tend to use minimal or simple design fordark websites is also because too much design will create clutter to the web, making it difficult and uncomfortable to view.

However, just because they are dark websites, does not necessarily mean that black is the primary color, creative designers have manage to adopt darker color, gradients and a mixture of other colors to help them boost their designs for dark websites. While it is not easy to adopt a dark theme, but for those who are bold enough to try and got it right you can be sure that they tend to make attractive websites.

James Garner

A little illumination effect creates a mysterious aura for the web.
James Garner

Just Dot

A dark background that resembles a blackboard.
Just Dot

The Kennedy’s

A dark background and simple illustration gives off personality for this web design.
The Kennedy's

Ascension Latorre

Black themed design always works best with minimal design.
Ascension Latorre

Azure Stoneworks

Black themed design also work perfectly well for photo showcase websites.
Azure Stoneworks

Quentin Mackay

Black helps the viewers to direct their main focus to a certain subject.
Quentin Mackay

Change Given

A soft illumination of the subject gives of a different kind of atmosphere to the web.
Change Given

Moksha Studio

With suitable matching colours the web could give of a balance feel.
Moksha Studio

Colmar Brunton

Take extra note of one’s font if your web design relies heavily on it.
Colmar Brunton

61 Pixels

A dark textured background also gives an edge to the web’s design.
61 Pixels

Esteban Munoz

When a little illustration gives of a fun atmosphere to the design.
Esteban Munoz

Bond Makeover

A textured rich brown background also works well on a site.
Bond Makeover

Hello Cihan

A black and red theme is also another way to work things out.
Hello Cihan

Marco Pizzuchemi

A classic example of a dark and minimal web design.
Marco Pizzuchemi

Kenda Perez

Another minimal dark themed web portfolio of a model.
Kenda Perez

Weave Silk

A dark background and a splash of colours also does the trick.
Weave Silk


A dark theme to bring out the sophistication of the website.

Jon White Studio

A dark blue base background is also another method to create a dark web design.
Jon White Studio


Who would have though graphics and a dark background could create this piece of art.

Fluxar Studios

A clever use of colours and dark background.
Fluxar Studios

One Page Wonders

A play of green and black.
One Page Wonders


A classic layout for a portfolio showcase.

Guilty Brotherhood

What better way to showcase a classic collection with a black themed web design.
Guilty Brotherhood

Josh Sender

Utilizing a black and white photo for the web’s background.
Josh Sender

Hell-Cat Records

A dark web design brings out the rough edges of this web, giving it a rugged design.
Hell-Cat Records



From DesignSpectre

40 Inspirational Logo Designs

Welcome to another addition of inspiring logo collections! Today I have prepared for you some recent 2011 logo designs for your viewing pleasure, thanks to inspirationfeed.com. All of the following works very hand selected based on quality and creativity – separated the best from the rest!

343523176ef1fc49b7f185fcccda998d1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

7c7b850aed58122577e1172642ffe2691 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

dcd697d76e7378862e07c1772dc0b7ef1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

851e9844edfc6f2cc9fce2c655352e8c1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

8ca092f680e44d25a056ea49a00764d71 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

a891aec1887e518d96195abcc418ed3f1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

b93e5fc2e4184cf053b4c186a762f0751 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

9ab63310ebc5288485d0e09221da8b011 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

343a8f216f74ec163ef81ba261c293831 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

c15de470e51b7dabdd4eb4f78de214e21 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

766d0c457607fab28ea54af17ec4d5d31 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

2e3aede68c9e2f403cbed7838196f2d41 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

b4b0f88937502f6db21a2bd58205f1391 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

3658c09063ed04feede567a3e5954ef51 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

bbec37c165834522450dea6c5bc7b1bf1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

898c74eb99453898d062378d8859fe4b1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8e8f4887940f1fc18d0240714aecc84ac1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8
9346a526de6b7431c1d659ade7d74ea21 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

958ee2896dec3fdbe795ca3df8f19b451 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

3bbfee2c379348ff0a201888a263e43b1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

53d57bdb6376d25b0640e8ef936cb4e41 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

600d385494364b643f65e14cfa7949e71 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

813a2b97a924978ab9039a511d4e37ea1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

226e232d23db87b70cb3c471436127bd1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8
e3155b98254224c689cb006b85477fec1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

86650ae54ab20e0667c9a4d24c0bea611 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

bdfec067f8ad2e32258aedb8962f28ce1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

42e36ab3893555594651772f275699be1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

5c41ea239a64b7d9322ba867b2d275591 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

319cdaec12e70043a0c33b8cbb8b9c831 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

3d69be4ed0f4a9c1b2212b52b3681bc41 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

9073ba9e3b7a6584e96e7545693ab3f71 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

8aa680c74369e98086becdf32fdd605d1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

rp 011 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

ovsani prototype dribbble1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

ouch1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

sewpd1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

juiced2 copy1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

ecolion1 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

screen shot 2011 06 08 at   07.24.411 40 Incredible Logo Designs #8

Did you enjoy this collection? Comment below and let us know!

I was particularly incapacitated by amusement of the Morning Wood Logo! 🙂

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Make Yourself

My name is Brian Wyatt, owner and operator of B-EZ Graphix, originally from Chicago, currently living in Warner Robins, Georgia. I am a graphic and web designer and marketing specialist. I have been in the design industry for over 8 years. I specialize in business branding by designing and producing marketing communications products such as logos, business cards, flyers, websites, album/mixtape and magazine covers along with designing static and animated ads. My educational background in social science has also allowed me to excel with my skills in marketing and promotions since the start of my design career in 2004. I combine my creativity in design with my background in strategic marketing and promotions with exceptional versatility to enable my clients, local and abroad, to take their business to new heights with an effective plan and execution of the design tools I provide. I develop brands that don’t just build companies, they build legacies.

Imagine a nameless, faceless individual approaching you with his/her hands out expecting you to pay them your hard earned money for their services/products. How would you take that? More importantly, what look would you give them that conveys the reality that you are in no way interested? This is the same way networks of people and markets will look at a company with no logo, no brand…perhaps, even an unimpressive brand. My company provides exciting designs and exceptional consultations to build start up companies and market networks and corporations – creating legacies. I provide this services at affordable and flexible rates to ensure new entrepreneurs and non-profits get the jump start they deserve without wasting what little they have to invest in themselves. I do this because I value business relationships over revenue. The world needs to know this. There are so many people out there that have dreams for themselves, their family and friends that involve being their own boss and bootstrapping their way to achieving their goals but don’t know where to start building. I want to provide the freedom for these innovators to do so not out of some sense of self justice, but because I know when I provide opportunities for them to advance toward their goals, they will pay it forward and create opportunities for others who are “stuck.” In the end, no one deserves to be “stuck” and waste the potential they have to make themselves. My company, B-EZ Graphix is the key to that freedom – the freedom to be who you want to be, build a legacy. . . the freedom to make yourself.

Marketing vs. Public Relations: Clarification for the Confused

Marketing vs. public relations: Clarification for the confused

Dialogue 282x300 Marketing vs. public relations: Clarification for the confused

I see, time and time again, in professional articles and blog posts and hear in every day conversations the misuse of the terms marketing and public relations, and it annoys me.

But I admit I am not entirely innocent either. It’s really easy to mix up these two terms because they are complementary fields that share so many similarities. They are both public facing, require many of the same skill sets and share some methods of media and public engagement. However, it is important to understand that their goals and processes for reaching these goals are distinct.

Boiled down to its bare bones, the answer is quite simple. The goal of marketing is to determine the customers that a company should sell to and to devise a strategy on how to reach them. PR involves creating a purpose-driven, active dialogue with a target audience, whether it’s potential customers, employees or stakeholders, with the goal of developing visibility and a positive corporate image and reputation by relating it to its interest groups.  Consider marketing a “push” method of communication that involves designing and developing products and methods to sell a business services or products.  In contrast, PR is “pull” method of communication that creates a favorable public image (or brand) of a company that will attracted and secure clientele.

In defining PR and marketing, we must consider the fact that they are constantly evolving with the changing media landscape and increasing demands of consumers. And these consumers are becoming more powerful and vocal as social technology advances and dilutes the persuasive authority of businesses. These shifts make it challenging to pinpoint definitions for each field. Here are some attempts from reputable institutions:

Marketing defined

“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

– American Marketing Association

“The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.”

– Chartered Institute of Marketing

  • The act or process of selling or purchasing in a market
  • The process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service
  • An aggregate of functions involved in moving goods from producer to consumer

– Merriam-Webster dictionary

So, simply put, marketing is the business function that manages the relationships between an organization and its markets, between its products and services and its customers to satisfy all requirements profitably.

Public Relations defined

“Using the news or business press to carry positive stories about your company or your products; cultivating a good relationship with local press representatives”

– Entrepreneur Encyclopedia

“Public relations is about reputation – the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. Public Relations is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour. It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organization and its publics”


“Public relations are often a crucial part of a company’s success – or failure. In addition to handling media requests, information queries and shareholder concerns, PR personnel are frequently responsible for crafting and maintaining a corporation’s image”

– Investopedia

Again, in its simplest form, PR seeks to foster a mutual understanding between an organization and its publics by bridging consistent communication lines with media and publics to make an organizations “good works” well known to as many publics as possible.


As mentioned previously, public relations and marketing are complementary. When a mutual understanding between a business and its publics is fostered through PR, a marketer’s job is made easier. The same is true for public relations professionals when the market fit for a product or service is clearly understood by the marketing team. A lot of professionals, ourselves included, regard PR as a subset of marketing. You can agree or disagree with this viewpoint (We welcome your comments in the box just a little south of here).

Skill sets

PR and marketing professionals both require similar skill sets to perform their jobs successfully. Writing skills are essential to both fields. We have written extensively on the subject of writing, including why spelling and grammar count, the importance of being able to write a clear and persuasive mission statement, the delightful, frustrating and fulfilling struggle that is the art of writing and guidance on how to improve your writing all to double-underscore and highlight its importance to both PR and marketing professionals. In addition, both fields require excellent interpersonal and communications skills as they require you to engage with all manner of publics including customers, stakeholders, clients, journalists, editors, bloggers, brand enthusiasts and pessimists. Both professionals must also be excellent researchers and be able to identify credible and relevant information and apply it to projects. For these reasons, as well as the increasing demand for social media expertise, both professionals must also be technologically savvy. Teamwork, persistence and creativity also rank high among necessary skills required for each field.


Both professionals also carry similar tool kits to achieve their goals. For example, marketing and PR professionals both develop and carry out strategies for media relations with the primary goal being coverage that is cumulative and long term. New media, press releases and newswire services, media kits, email and the good old fashioned telephone are all employed to get their messages across to the media. Both also manage the reputation of their clients by monitoring the media and Internet for positive and negative mentions and often draft responses on behalf of clients to potentially damaging remarks as a means of reputation management. Of course, these just scrape the surface of the many strategies and tactics in the PR and marketing professionals’ toolkit. Feel free to add additional similarities to the comments section below as you think of them.


In our view, what sets marketing apart from PR is that it’s about more than just outreach; it also embraces a number of higher functions that determine the very direction of an organization. While they both focus on reaching target audiences for their corporate clients, marketers are responsible for identifying these groups and their specific needs that the company’s products can address. They are also responsible for distinguishing their products from competitors and for advising on the development of new products. They decide the markets that will optimize the company’s profits and provide council on product pricing based on a perceived value. Like PR, marketing requires communications skills, but it also demands more strategic and analytical skills.

So, what’s your take?

Don’t forget, with the new joint venture with B-EZ Graphix and Fresh Touch Publicity, you can resolve all of your marketing and PR needs in one network!

Everything You Need to know About a Logo

The Webster English dictionary defines a logo to be: An identifying statement. – Source
statement, in turn, is defined as: the act or process of stating or presenting orally or on paper. – Source

Now presentations on paper can be textual or may contain images. Therefore your logo can be either text based or an image or a combination of both. The importance of a logo is evident by the fact that the example sentence that Webster gives for a logo is:

  • The company’s logo is instantly recognizable all over the world.
  • The above statements should be the core criteria when you are thinking of creating a new logo for your business.

You will be identified and recognized by your logo. It is the first thing people see about your business and in fact in some cases it is the first thing people see even before seeing your products. Therefore you must take utmost care in choosing it.

Take the example of Amazon. They have crafted this logo very carefully.

Few people might have noticed the fact that what the arrow in orange means? If it would mean nothing Amazon would never have added it.

The arrow points from a to z. This means Amazon sells everything from A to Z. Secondly the arrow (or the curve) signifies a smile that will appear on a customer’s face after buying from Amazon.

Some people argue that people like Seth Godin and J. K. Rowling do not have a logo for their business and therefore they too don’t need a logo. They say; “If they can succeed without a logo why can’t we?“. Well, Seth Godin is an established name. He doesn’t need a logo for publicity. His name is enough to attract customers.  And no matter how famous he is, he is less famous than Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. Both of them have created logos for their businesses.

Secondly people like J. K. Rowling may not have a logo for themselves but their works contain a logo. See the images below to understand what I mean.

Harry Potter

All Harry Potter movies write the protagonist’s name as above. Whether it is a poster, movie-ad or the movie itself – the above form remains unchanged. That is what is called branding.


The emblem of Harry Potter’s school, Hogwarts.

So what should your logo look like? And should you design it yourself or approach a designer? I have attempted to answer these questions in this article.

Do you need a designer?

Well this question cannot be answered in just a yes or no. It depends entirely on you. Logos range from very simple to very complex.


For e.g. Facebook’s logo is very simple. You can design it even on MS-Word in 2 minutes. You don’t need a designer for that. (By the way, this logo was designed by a designer.)


On the other hand if you are aiming for a logo that looks something like above and you are not a professional designer then you definitely need a designer.

If you have even the slightest of creativity and drawing ability and you don’t need a very complex logo, then you can do it yourself.  A software program like Photoshop is a must. If you don’t know Photoshop, no worries. There are hundreds of tutorials available on the internet both on Photoshop’s official website and on other sites like YouTube. Just do a Google search for something like “Photoshop text color fade effect tutorial” etc.  and you will find many results.

Photoshop is not a cheap software. (Amazon is selling it here for $650!) So if you can’t afford that you can Google for something like “free+alternatives+photoshop”. You will get satisfactory results and for no matter which software you select – you will almost every time get a lot of free tutorials.

If this doesn’t work for you then you may consider visiting websites like Logo Maker. Websites like this provide free tools to create professional looking logos for free. No designing skills are required.

But if you don’t like the above suggestions and decide to approach a designer then keep the following things in mind:

1. Portfolio

Check the designer’s portfolio necessarily. Usually designers (like many other freelancers) have a portfolio page on their website.  There you will find the previous works done by the designer. See if you like that. If not – move on. There are plenty of designers available online. You can always find what you want with a click of a mouse.

2. Budget

Obviously you cannot afford to buy a logo for $400 when your budget allows for only $50. Check out the prices before pitching the designer.

3. References

Check out whether the references provided on his website are true or not. Don’t just be satisfied with big names there. Cross check. Sometimes quoting someone out of context may change the entire meaning of a statement.

Think it over

No matter whether you approach a designer or not, you need to have at least some basic idea of your logo in your mind. Designers will usually ask you to fill out a form which will contain questions as to how you want your logo to be crafted. Although a designer can, of course, design a logo for you without any inputs from your side but it is always better to give him specific instructions for two main reasons.

If you’ll tell him to work as he wishes, he will probably think that you are a newbie and you know nothing about design and can therefore try to fool you. (I’m not saying all designers are like this, but there are black sheep in all trades. So it is better to be careful.)
Secondly suppose the headings, links etc. on your website are all blue in color. Then you should tell the designer that you want a blue color in your logo to match with the theme of your site. That looks visually appealing. More on this below.

The Theme

As I said above the colors used in your logo must be fine tuned to match those of your website. This means that if you have used the color red on your website, then you must use the same shade of the color red in your logo. It is better to know the HTML color code of that color and repeat the code again wherever required to preserve consistency. Else your website may look a little non coherent.

Some people prefer to create a logo first and then create their website. This gives them full liberty to choose colors for their logo. Some others prefer to first design a website and then use the same colors in the logo. So you may do as it suits you.

The Resolution

You will have to use your logo in different sizes. If you are using it as a Gravatar then it will be a thumbnail view and if you are using it on your site’s banner then it will be very large. It may be even published in books so it should withstand different sizes. For that to happen, your logo must be of a high resolution.  If a logo is of low resolution then it will get pixelized i.e. get blurred on enlargement.

The Originality

Nowadays people not only copy each others’ content but they also copy away other people’s logos. The anonymous blogger who calls himself The Blog Tyrant says in this post that some people copied away almost everything (including his logo) from his blog.

Such things usually don’t work. Take a look at any of the top websites. They all are original. Original in design, content and logo. An original logo not only will exempt you from the blame of being a cheater cock, it will also make you stand out of the crowd.

The Handicraft

Many people tend to forget this rule. If even after watching tutorials of all sorts and trying free logo maker websites, you are still unable to make your logo on your computer then leave your computer aside. Every one of us must have taken drawing classes in school. Use that knowledge instead.

Take a piece of paper, draw away certain designs, select the one that you like the most, refine or redraw it if required, color it, scan it and there you are. Take a look at this interview on Freelance Switch on how Steve Gadlin managed to make a successful business online through his strange nursery kid drawings.

So with this we come to the end. How did you design your logo? Or how are you planning to design it or have it designed? Tell me in the comments below.

Don’t forget, that I specialized in branding and logo design, and I am always willing to help you or provide further guidance.

Be Easy,


Source: http://designmodo.com/know-about-logo/#ixzz1kcOj1xCE

Top 5 Tips to Increase Fans on Facebook Fan Page

When you make a website or blog, you use Facebook to market your product. Well, this certainly helps when you posts your articles on the social media site and then creating a Facebook Fan Page.

Here I enlist the tips for generating more traffic to your blog.

Facebook Ads

When you use the ads of Facebook, it aptly works fine to get more fans since it only targets those people who seem interested in your product. The chances become bright that the person who views your ad, will become your fan. Advertising on Facebook is quite easy by opening its Advertising page.

Facebook Ads Fan Page

Facebook Fan Box on Your Blog/Website

Do use the Fan Box of Facebook on your website or blog. This is the most important tool. By using it, you will get number of fans and once your fans start increasing your website will start getting noticed in search engines. You can get its embed code from your Facebook account.

Facebook Fan Box on Your BlogWebsite Pages

Pages Tagging in your Updates

Tag your fan page whenever you update your Facebook Fan Page’s status.

Tagging in your Updates Facebook Fan Page

Mention of ‘Follow Me On Facebook’

This thing is quite easy and much effective method of increasing your fans on Facebook page. By the end of your post,  leave a clickable link requesting the viewers to become a fan of your Facebook Fan Page.

Mention of ‘Follow Me On Facebook’ Facebook Fan Page

Contests on Website

This helps a lot when you create the contests and giveaways on your site. Put some requirements to enter into the contest and post it on your site. A number of prominent websites do it and get more fans in return.

There are many other tips as well but these ones are proved ones to get more fans to your Facebook Page.

Contests on Website Facebook Fan Page

The Wonders of Digital Art

Here are some works from Concept Artist, Matte Painter who enjoys drawing in the game and film industry.  I’m a fan of guns, girls and video games.  Naturally, I was sold and intrigued by the first few pieces of artwork.  But, the rest are examples of the artistic muses for what digital art through computer design can provide for the fine arts.  I would not hesitate to hang a few of these on the walls of my home.





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