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15 Easy SEO Tips to Get More Targeted Website Traffic

There is one thing that will always be the holy grail of internet marketing and that’s targeted website traffic. We’ve listed 15 simple, easy to implement SEO tips that are tested and proven to bring more qualified traffic to your website this year.

You can have the best looking website and a great team with all of the skills and expertise you could ever ask for, but if you can’t get a consistent amount of targeted visitors coming to your site, it’s not going to bring in the sales. Without a solid web presence your website can only sit around and look pretty.

As business owners, we want more then just a good looking website, we want a good looking balance sheet. If you’re reading this post then chances are you’ve already taken the first step and hired our team to create a beautifully branded website for your business.  So now the question arises, “how can I position my website in front of the people searching for my products and services?”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever evolving skill and marketing strategy. Although the search engines consistently make little updates and changes to their algorithms in an attempt to keep us on our P’s and Q’s and improve user experience, using good SEO practices that rank your website high in the search results for search terms your potential customers are using, will always be the best long-term strategy to boost your business revenue.

SEO can be broken up into two main categories, on-page optimization which deals with all improvements being made on the website itself, and off-page optimization which covers every thing done on other websites to improve search engine rankings.

Below is a list of both on-page and off-page SEO tips that you can use right now to boost search engine rankings and increase the amount of ready-to-buy traffic that visits your site. It is important to note that improvement in website rankings take time. You should aim to make at least one improvement to your site each day. Over time good search engine optimization will bring more traffic, leads and sales but being consistent with the steps below is key.

On Page SEO Tips

On Page SEO Tip #1: Optimize your website content by lengthening your articles and using a good variety of long-tail keywords (highly relevant, low competition search phrases that generally consist of 3+ words) sprinkled throughout. It is important to use a balanced approach when using keywords, not too much and not too little. A keyword density of around 3-5% is recommended (i.e., 30-50 keywords In a 1,000 word article).

On Page SEO Tip #2: Use the main keyword your target market would use to find you, in the headline and first paragraph of your homepage article. This signals to the search engines what search term they should most likely rank your website for.

On Page SEO Tip #3: Use plenty of white space in your website content. This not only helps slightly improve your ranking in the search engines but is easier on the eyes of your readers. Keeping your paragraphs between 6-10 lines is recommended.

On Page SEO Tip #4: Place links for all of your inner pages on your homepage. This is called interlinking and will help the search engines crawl your site more naturally. This also positively effects your rankings in the search engines.

On Page SEO Tip #5: Disable flash players or anything else on your site that could potentially slow down the time it takes for your site to load. The search engines are constantly looking for the highest quality search results to show their users, this is just one of many factors they look at when crawling your site.

On Page SEO Tip #6: Optimize all images on your site by changing the file names and alt tags to long-tail keywords you’re trying to rank for. Many believe images can hurt your rankings but these small changes will make your images have a positive effect on your SEO.

On Page SEO Tip #7: Link out to at least one or two authority sites (i.e., an article on Wikipedia.com) that are relevant to your niche. This looks very natural and helps improve trust with the search engines. Be careful not to over do this. One or two outbound links on the homepage is enough.

On Page SEO Tip #8: List your business name, address and phone number (NAP) in the site wide footer of your website. This gives the search engines a point of reference when you start creating citations for your business and will improve rankings.

On Page SEO Tip #9: Optimize the page title, description and meta tags (descriptive snippets of text that appear in a pages code) for each page on your site with keywords. This helps improve your search engine rankings and gives a short, concise snippet of what your site is about in the search results.

On Page SEO Tip #10: Always have outbound links, from your website, open in a new tab. The search engines analyze the amount of time visitors spend on your site (bounce rate). Making sure your page stays up when a visitor clicks an outbound link will help improve your bounce rate.

Off Page SEO Tips

Off Page SEO Tip #1: Create a Google My Business listing with your business NAP (Name Address Phone Number) and get fully verified. This is considered the most important citation and must be fully optimized just as if it was your own website.

Off Page SEO Tip #2: Create high quality citations (mentions of your business name, address and phone number) for your business on high authority business directories (i.e., Yellowpages.com, Yelp.com, Bingplaces.com, etc). Citations help validate the information the search engines have on your business. The more places they can find consistent data about your business on the internet the more trust and credibility it creates. Be sure to list your website and always include your business name, address and phone number exactly how it shows on your website.

Off Page SEO Tip #3: Create business pages on all popular social media platforms, optimize them with content and link back to your website. This is a great way to send some power to your website and start getting social signals. Getting likes, shares, and reviews on these platforms is highly recommended.

Off Page SEO Tip #4: Gain high quality links from good websites. Gaining backlinks from relevant, high trafficked forums, blogs, social media sites and directories will boost your rankings like nothing else will. Make sure the site isn’t spammy and actually provides value to their visitors. Be sure to find a way to give value whether you’re leaving a comment, guest posting, or leaving a helpful tip in a forum.

Off Page SEO Tip #5: Focus on variety when earning backlinks for your website. Too much of one good thing is bad when it comes to link building. The goal is to have the most diverse and natural looking backlink profile for your site.

Final Thoughts : Love on your website consistently. Whether you’re adding fresh content, updating information, gaining new backlinks, or getting social signals, do something for your site every day and you will see both short term and long term improvements in your web presence.


Network Your Net Worth with Business Cards

Check out this mockup of the new business cards we designed for Dr. Tess of Beverly Hills. Dr. Tess is now ready to network with the celebrities and upper class Beverly Hills clients to promote her Aesthetic & Medical Services. She will boast unique design with a custom stock that is unlike any other!

A good business card is like a firm handshake. It tells a lot about who you are, what you represent and what you are worth. You are worth more than what’s in your bank account or what assets you have. Who you know adds to your net worth. You want to know ambitious people like you. Connected people who can take you further. Higher. But you have to impress them first.. We can help you impress your customers with a professionally designed business card and avoid the embarrassment of handing them a design that they may find familiar with Vistaprint’s millions of other customers. Be one in a million – and not customer number 1,947,2??

You’re more valuable to us than that. Start networking your net worth.

We Will Help Make It Easy & Affordable

B-EZ Graphix will offer give our subscribers like you the first chance to get $50 off of a Two-Sided Business Card Design Package + 250 prints for only $99 until August 1st.

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Branding Etiquette – Rule #3: Practice What You Pitch!

Whether you are trying to raise money for your business/organization or just want to perfect your business strategy, a solid “elevator pitch” is an essential tool for achieving your goals. An elevator pitch should be delivered in 60 seconds or less or as a one page overview of your business. Think of your elevator pitch as a verbal executive summary that gives a quick overview of your business and details of why it’s going to be successful.

One of the key things your pitch should include is how your business is going to solve a problem. If your business does not address a problem, it is not a viable business venture. My recommendation is to strive to resolve the “W5H” questions that I typically ask during new client consultations.

  • Who are you?
    • Your name, title and company.
  • What do you do?
    • The problem that you’re solving.
  • Where can they find you?
    • Including digital and physical business locations.
  • When?
    • Hours of operation, seasonal operation (i.e. tax preparation)
  • Why should customers choose you?
    • Address your competition. Discuss why your business is different. Consider mentioning your education or years of experience.
  • How?
    • Briefly, describe how you are going to do to resolve the problem.

If you can answer as many of these questions as you can within 30 seconds, you will likely impress many people at networking event, secure new customers and develop successful partnerships. But, it does end there. You must practice what you pitch. Here are some ways to do that:

Be Prepared

This is a three-fold process: do your research, build a brand, and rehearse your pitch. Before you develop and verbalize your pitch, it is important to do your research to determine how you can answer the W5H questions to give the best first impression.

Then build a brand that visually represents and communicates your business idea. Why hook them on the pitch when you don’t have a logo, business card or website to reel them in?

Now, that you’ve done your homework and have lead capturing brand materials, you should practice giving pitch. Entertain your friends and family with your pitch bloopers of verbal pauses and mispronunciations. Record yourself on audio or video (the video can also be used later for marketing your brand). Rehearse until you are comfortable pitching with few mistakes to both very important individuals and large audiences.

Be Consistent

One of the worst worst things you could do for your brand is give an elevator pitch that you cannot validate. If you pitch that your cleaning service passes 100% of home inspections, it would be in your best interest to ensure that it never drops to 99%. This emphasizes the importance of making realistic projections about your brand. It is also very helpful to collect testimonials that validate the consistency your brand’s reputation.

Be Easy

When you are prepared with a good elevator pitch and have a track record of valid and consistent customer satisfaction with your brand, you obtain a high level of confidence in your brand. This confidence impacts the way you deliver your pitch. It should become so second nature and easy to execute that you impress your audience by the articulation just as much as the content. After all, shouldn’t marketing your business be easy?

It takes time, commitment and effort to develop and deliver a great elevator pitch. It should sound the same every time you give it. People should remember how and what you say in your elevator pitch. Most importantly, your work should reflect what you say in your pitch. Don’t forget that you are your brand. Become known for keeping your word. Follow Rule 3 and Practice What You Pitch. #MakeYourself


It’s The Season For Giving!

It’s that time of year again! And B-EZ Graphix is always excited to give back.

Check out some of the events, programs and organizations we are sponsoring this season.

We truly hope that you can find it in your heart to find ways to give to them as well.

Since we, unfortunately could, not secure sponsors for our 10th Anniversary event last month, benefitting the Alzheimer’s Association of Georgia (@ALZGA), we have decide to increase our pledge to give 10% of our sales this month to @ALZGA. Especially since November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month and National Caregiver Month. Every little bit counts.

Every little bit counts. Please, take a moment to click the links below, give back and #BeBlessed!

Fresh Touch Publicity’s Simply Giving Project – Memphis, TN | Nov. 7-17th 2014

Click banner for more info or email simplygiving@ftpublicity.com!



Official Anais PR’s Shark Tank Social: Tech Talk Edition – Chicago, IL | Nov. 14, 2014

SharkTankSocialFlyerV6The Shark Tank Social is for the Chicago professional who may have an invention, intentions to audition or simply loves Shark Tank!

Official Anais PR seeks to connect those around Chicago-land who watch the show anxiously every Friday and would like to have dialogue surrounding entrepreneurship, small business funding, pitching and much more.

Learn about how to properly position yourself as an author, public speaker, product marketer as well as branding strategies.

The Tech Talk Edition will focus on the importance of technology awareness, the integration of social media and technology in digital marketing/public relations as well as the basic steps to starting a business with employees.



Official Anais PR’s Annual Christmas Toy Drive – Chicago, IL

APTOPIX_Michelle_Obama_Toys_for_Tots_0e9f0-300x228Do you know of a deserving single mother who has been working tirelessly to make ends meet? A mother attending school, working two jobs and trying to raise her children the best way possible? In 500 words or less send us an email with why you feel she should be a recipient of this year for Official Anais PR’s 5th Annual Toy Drive. Do you work with a Non-for-Profit that serves children in need? Would you like your organization to be considered as a recipient for this year’s Toy Drive? Email us your organization NAME, LOCATION, WEBSITE and MISSION statement, social media handles as well as why you feel you deserve assistance this year.

Click HERE for more info and to nominate.

OR email vdavis@officialanaispr.com



10 Years Strong And Growing!

Wooohooo!!! 10 years in business and still going strong!

We have accomplished a major milestone to have grown and developed in such a way since our founding in 2004. The story of B-EZ Graphix is so unique and deep. We have made great strides to have something meaningful to offer to our clients and market. I am excited to tell the story for the first time:

In the beginning…


…Just kidding 🙂


I pledged Iota Phi Theta Fraternity (IPT) at the University of IL at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) in the Spring of 2004. I received my first crash course on Adobe Photoshop CS3 later that year by my fraternity brother, Cleveland, to design flyers for our organization’s events. Around this time, my family experienced some financial hardships and I was pretty much on my own in college. I began working over 80 hours per week, and heavily involved in publicity work for IPT. It wasn’t long until my grades suffered and I my enrollment was suspended from UIUC. After moving out the dorms and out the frat house in 2005, I was pretty much homeless for the first half of the Summer.

But, soon other organizations began to notice my natural artistic skill in designing marketing materials. I began making $25 here and there for a design until by 3 degrees of separation, I was connected to Steve, an event promoter in Champaign, IL. He was so impressed with my work, that he hired me under contract and paid me a few hundred a week to design all his promotional and marketing material. The ability to stay encouraged through my difficulties and maintain my professionalism and work ethic prompted the nickname that Steve gave me….B-EZ. Through his connections, I picked up new clients in the local community, mainly consisting of “mom and pop” shops. The work I did for them gave them hope that they could recover their business and grow. The enthusiasm that they all shared inspired me to make the work I do into more than a hobby. And on October 25, 2004, B-EZ Graphix was founded. I know it is an unconventional business name, but it means something to me. And my goal is to have it mean something to clients as well.

After 10 years, we are continuing the same mission to make the brand development and marketing process easy and affordable for small business, non-profit organizations and minority businesses. We have developed and leveraged lasting and meaningful partnerships and built hundreds of successful brands. We are still growing and our focus in the coming years is to continue to grow by adding to our team in order to increase our reach and capacity. I am very grateful to those who have contributed to the growth of B-EZ Graphix, to include my family, my colleagues Vau’ve Davis of Official Anais PR and TJ Jefferson of Fresh Touch Publicity and my Amber Wheeler, my Jedi Apprentice (lol) who has put up with me for over 2 years now. It won’t be long now. Just stay tuned and connected and you will soon see new and exciting developments with B-EZ Graphix.

Be easy,

Brian K. Wyatt, Jr.

Founder / Creative Director

B-EZ Graphix